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The BC Sites and Trails website.

You must know the trail name from a list of the entire province sites.



There are a couple of BC Government websites
that may also post road and trail information.

(These are not completely current, but they are a guideline to what is open or closed.)

Here is the BC Government Rocky Mountain Forest District Road-Work Website.


The Summit Trail Makers Society - are a fabulous group that repairs and restores the local hiking trails.

2014 Road Forum
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Oct 15, 2014

New Trail- Frances Creek to Azure Lake/Buster Lake

LG ... heard that there was some logging happening up Francis Creek so I expect the road is good. If he has been up Forester Creek . .should have no problems with Francis. Did not get up there this summer but I know the Invermere hikers have been going to Azure Lake also known locally as Buster Lake.


Here is a Flickr Link from MS. The bluest lake I've ever seen! Here are the photos:

MS .. thanks for the info on the Frances Creek road. It was in excellent condition. We rented an SUV but we really didn't need one. The hike was fantastic too.








Oct 10, 2014

Mause Creek Tanglefoot Lake

We drove up to the Mause Ck-tanglefoot trailhead yesterday (Oct 1). Road is in good 4x4 condition right to the TH and parking area. Hiked the trail to see what the condition was like. There has been much chainsaw work done to clear avalanche debris. However that work is not complete. Hikers have re-routed the trail in some places but negotiating many deadfall trees across the trail is still required.


Another comment .. Out house standing,if that was a question. !st part of trail has been cleaned ,looked like a lot of work. Up until the old mine there is a lot of climbing over timbers and re routing of the trail but it is passable. AB

What was once an easy, comfortable hike up a good trail is now a bit of a slog across woody debris, which can be slippery and annoying on wetter days.


Sept 25, 2014

Evans Mt Trail Meachen Creek FSR

I was up Mt Evans yesterday trail and road are in excellent shape and the Larches are super.

larches at Evans are up to 2 feet in diameter


Sept 20, 2014

Chalice Creek

The road and trail are in good shape and the larch in autumn gold are fabulous.

Best larch colour in decades


Aug 20, 2014

9-Basins hike


Wildhorse Creek FSR

The road is practically gone on the upper Wildhorse Creek FS Road, about 1-2 km past the Bear Lake turnoff. It looks like a creek washed down along the road surface just past the established camp.

You can drive an ATV but not likely a truck anymore.


Aug 18, 2014

Five Passes hike,

between Mause, Sunken and Dibble Creek Route

We hiked the Five Passes Loop last week and I thought it worthy to report that the middle section of the Sunken Creek trail has suffered several kilometers of downed timber as well.

There is a lot of climbing over, trying to go under and through a lot avalanche debris and blown-down trees on a trail that is a slog at the best of times.
Some one has started to clear things up but seems to have given up in frustration.



Aug 13, 2014

Mayo Lake

Meachen Creek Road




Hiked into Mayo Lake today. beautiful weather and gorgeous area to hike into.
The trail is getting really overgrown in some area’s, however well worth the hike.
Can't drive up the access road so you will have to park on main Meachen Creek road.
I would recommend a high clearance two wheel drive verhicle to drive up Meachen Creek.

Mayo Lake turnoff is after the 16 km marker on Meachen Creek FSR


July 31 and 16, 2014

Hour Glass Lake Trailhead

Meachen Creek FSR

Forestestry Roads staff Len also confirmed that the Meachen Creek FSR is now open, enabling access to the Hourglass Lake trailhead.


GF-- We did the hike to Upper Hourglass Lake Sunday, July 27th. Meachem Creek road is open with only a few rough spots from last year’s repaired mud slides.


With this 15 minute stop it takes about 1hr 45min to get to the Hourglass Lake trailhead. From here it’s a (fairly steep) one hour hike from the trailhead to the narrows. The climb to the upper lake takes a little longer. It is a difficult, route-finding scramble over larger rocks ending with a steep section of scree. The ascent is well worth it as, at the top, you are rewarded with views of both beautiful lakes. If you stay left at the top along the shoreline for a few hundred metres, there is a lovely lunch spot on a little peninsula jutting into the water, which affords a view of the whole upper lake. The scramble down is moderately difficult and one has to be careful not to dislodge rocks onto those below. A hiking pole is helpful. Overall this is a great day hike and took us about 8 hours return from our base in Kimberley what with the long drive, stop at the falls, a leisurely climb, lunch and - of course - a naked frigid swim to touch ground on the other side of the hourglass narrows.

We always stop at Meachen Creek Falls as they are awesome and only a hundred meters off the road (access the trail 50 metres south of the parking lot at the 8km sign).


July 28, 2014

Lakit Lookout Road




I (JS) would not drive it nor recommend it for beginnner backroad drivers, but many people have said the road is still as good as it has been in years before. There is no snow around the back side of the sharp corner at the lower parking lot and people have been driving up to the upper lot by the trailhead.


General Comment

July 28, 2014

Wildhorse Creek FSR and

Bear Lake Road and Trail




Wildhorse FSR has been recently repaired. At 14 km around a large (annual) washout has been repaired. 2 wheel drive not high clearance necessary.

But the higher road leading to the Bear Lake Traihead is no worse than normal rocky bumpy, alders leaning into the road. Highly drivable with 4x4 high clearance.



Trail to Bear Lake. Use the creekside trail on the old trail -- left fork (about 1.5 - 2 km from trailhead), as the new trail is now blocked by avalanche debris. Good condition for this trail


July 25, 2014

Mause Creek Trial




I'm not sure if you are still maintaining the backroad condition forum, but wanted to let you know that we tried to reach the Mause Creek parking lot this morning. About 1.5 to 2 km past the Fisher trail head massive trees are blocking the way.



Looks like that could have happened during that storm Wednesday night....breaks look pretty fresh. No place to park and the turnaround there was challenging.


July 16, 2014

Mause Creek Trial




I spoke to Len Palajac from the Rocky Mountain Forestry District (250) 919-5523. He confirmed what you have reported regarding the Mause Creek road being open but the trailhead at the road’s end (trailhead for Tanglefoot Lake) being buried under avalanche debris. If we head out that way I’ll give you an update.



July 16, 2014

Boulder Creek

The road to Boulder ridge has avalanche debris about 1 km up from the old metal cabin. ATV's can get past but not trucks as of July 1st. We hiked up to the ridge following an old logging road that starts about 100 m up the road from the cabin and follows the creek all the way to the old logging road where we used to park. It was quite an nice alternate route but you have to allow for more time and elevation.



July 14, 2014

Doctor Creek

Doctor creek, the bridge at 30 km is completely washed out and even tricky for ATV's. We didn't get any further than that. I do have a photo of that and will sent it.



June 24, 2014

Mt Evans Trail


Meachen Creek FSR to Fiddler Creek

I just completed a hike to the top of Mt. Evans. It was my third trip up there over the past 10 years. I was sad to see this hike omitted from the last edition of the your book because I think it’s a worthy trip, and comparable to an ascent of Mt. Fisher. I had my gps on. Here are my comments and observations from the day:

6.5km one way and 1405m elevation gain from the trailhead to the summit.
8-10hrs trailhead to trailhead return trip strikes me as a reasonable estimate of time for fit and experienced scramblers/route finders. (I was in a “fit” party of 4 with two dogs, and while we only took a couple of short breaks and didn’t linger on the summit, we completed the trip comfortably in 6.5hrs.)
Meachen Road is a bit rough in spots to the 14km junction with Fiddler and there is a Mt. Evans sign at this junction. Fiddler Creek FSR is in good shape due to recent logging further up the valley; trailhead is cut out and easily visible on the left 1.1km up the road.
Trail to the old cabin/basin in good shape with only a couple of snarly sections of recent windfall to negotiate.



May 21, 2014

Alki Creek

St. Mary's Area

We have cleared some boulders off the Alki creek access road so it is now in good shape for high clearance vehicles right to the trail head. The Alki creek trail has been cleared of deadfall almost to the old camp, about one hour up the trail. Snowline currently is around 5200 foot elevation with a few patches of snow below that. We have not yet been up the Pyramid creek trail this season but that is on the list to be done soon. Wood ticks are out and hungry.



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